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56 parallel

North of 56 has been a quit and interesting little town a few murders or suicides seen I been living here the videos are from 2014 I recorded some here and there with these so called orbs I though was dust but there two big and to weird looking and with a few looks as a cleaner and guard of the place these motion cams picked up quit a bit the hotel there has quit a lot of activity had my share walking around the place feeling cold n uneasy near the lounge area and bar in the hotel heard a story from the person witness of a death by bar fight young guy hit his head on the corner of pool table n died the other well we have a old morgue where they keep the bodies until they ship them out to be dressed for funeral ⚰️ some died in the hotel hart attack or something could be the weird feeling I get when I guard the place i had another video of a man walking passed the hotel glass doors passed the CDC office and disappear still looking for that old video hope I can share it if I can find it the only thing I catch on cam is orbs and sometimes lights flickering off when my partner cleaner comes up to mop after 1 to 3 am if I got any more video for sure I will share 👍

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