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New location for paranormal investigation

Hi there paranormal enthusiasts. I have some really really exciting news!! We have a new location to do paranormal investigation in manitoba! Currently our lead investigator will be gone from May 27th to June 11th to get more content to review. We have been getting some great evidence from this place so far. We will be giving you updates on this location when he gets back. There will be some really exciting things that are going on in this place that you will get updated on. Just so followers know we are looking for two more team members to join the team. We are currently also accepting new clients and if anyone wants to share their stories of their experiences you can email to us too. We are a non-profit organization, and also strictly confidential team. When it comes to paranormal investigation nobody's a professional at it because there’s too many questions that we can't get answers for.

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Mar 17

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