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Paranormal Investigation Gear - Don't leave home without it !

Greetings All,

This is my first blog post and I just wanted to chat a little bit about the equipment that we need for a proper Ghost Investigation. Quite honestly, it is quite expensive to get in to the game of conducting a proper paranormal investigation. Devices you need can typically cost from $20 on up to thousands of dollars.

You generally need equipment to track activities going on with most of the five senses you have. Things often happen so quickly that you need devices to capture everything that is going on. It’s just impossible to see and hear everything at once when it happens. Everything fights for the attention of your senses. The equipment is also invaluable for capturing the things you can see or hear. Often these things only appear when reviewing your recorded material. This recorded material defines the proof that we deliver to clients.

Here at the VIP Team we have a growing arsenal of gear to make our ghost investigations possible. When we take on an investigation we bring all of this gear free of charge to the client location needing to have an investigation performed. We typically have several devices monitoring everything that occurs at the site: Sounds, light and even room temperature.

Technology is ever changing in this world and it has also has changed the face of ghost investigations. Newer equipment is something we always strive for at the VIP Team. If you think you can contribute to the gear we use for investigations please do let us know. Video recording equipment, sound recorders and specialty equipment are always welcome. These donations help us keep all of our investigations 100% free to those that need our help the most.

Please do be in touch. Thank you.


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