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To all our paranormal enthusiasts the team would like to invite you to our podcast. On the episodes we will be talking alot about the paranormal activities in winnipeg, like in and out of the city locations. We here on the team would like to send out an invitation for anyone with experiences to come tell their stories on our podcast. We would love to hear what has happened to you and maybe give some insight. As of right now we will be putting more podcast episodes up and same with blog posts just not sure how much as we are still growing in followers and clients. In the next couple months we will be going on a trip to a supposed ghost town that we want to investigate. You should go and get the podbean app and search for the podcast paranormal chat. Also we are looking for one more member to fill our last vacant spot on the team. We are also looking for more clients too we are a non-profit paranormal team who accepts all clients.

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