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To begin let me introduce myself, my name is Tracy O and I'm an Empath (people who have intuitive skills/gifts). Mine started at the age of 12 yrs, of which everything was set into place for me as a mentor entered my life at that time, and guided me through all the transitions. As I grew so did the gift it changed from dreaming and bringing messages back for loved ones to touching items leading to answers, then hearing, seeing, as well as the understanding of the afterlife (when we leave this world and start our new journey). I'm considered a Medium. I started doing readings only to learn that reading for those who want to know the future did not bring me gratification, but helping those who lost loved ones and giving the answer to questions as well as the closer is where my joy lies. My journey has also brought me to helping a paranormal team as I have in the past and found it fascinating again to help others. Thank you for your time allowing me to share, Tracy O
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